When can a player use the Guardian's Shield actions?

Whenever, even if it is not during the player's turn.

Can an Idol move/attack like an Inka?

Not unless the Idol's Spec Card allow the actions.

Does the Shade maintain its own abilities after it transforms into another Idol?

No, it becomes the transformed Idol until the end of the turn.

How do you deal with multiple players casting the Recycle card?

The player that rolls higher gets the card.

If a player's Elder is removed from the game by a Cast Card, what happens to his/her Cast Cards?

They are given to the player responsible for removing the Elder unless the caster dies as well. If so, all the cards are returned to the bottom of the deck and no Elders are brought back to the game.

Can an Inka holding a Victory Pendant be controlled?


On Cast Cards, is "declares an attack" referring to combat situations?


Can I control other clan's Idols or Elders?

No. Also, once you transform your opponent's Inka into an Idol, it is no longer under your control.

Can you cast Neglect Spell in midst of the effects of a Cast Card?


Can I cast, Terakh Crisis at a more convenient time?

No, it must be cast upon being picked up.

Is there world wrap?

No, you can only move/attack units on Trias that are physically connected or by means of the Orth Tria.

If all the remaining Elders are removed simultaneously, what happens?

No one wins, and the Victory Pendant is unclaimed.

Are controlled Inkas part of your clan?

Inkas under your control are not part of your clan.

If the Hydra or the Ranger is eliminated in the midst of a multi-attack, do they get to carry out the rest of their declared attacks?


When can Penetrate Cast card be cast?

Anytime during a combat situation whether it be for defense or offense.