February 2008:

With the help of Esdevium Games Ltd, a European games distributor, our game is now available at several European resellers. Full listings of the resellers in Europe can be found by navigating through the Menu: Order -> Resellers -> Europe.

February 2008:

Due to recent tax rate reduction in Canada, the taxes calculation have been updated to set GST rate to 5% from 6%.

February 2008:

Terakh website gets a make over allowing you to navigate to the information quickly and with ease.

September 2007:

A new version of the manual is now available with few changes to the rules as well as some content changes. Please see the Terakh Manual Page for more information.

July 2006:

With the launch of new website layout, we are glad to announce that you can now purchase up to two copies of Terakh at the same time. With this option, you and a friend or relative can order a copy of Terakh but paying only couple of dollars extra for the extra copy.

We have been busy giving the plain looking a make-over for the past few months. We would like to hear from you about the new design.

April 2006:

Some of our retail stores resellers are now either in the process of moving or closing. Game Trek @ Bayview Village Mall has closed down. Dolly's @ Woodside Sq. Mall is in the process of moving. We will update the site once we find out the new location of Dolly's.

November 2005:

To get the word spreading for Terakh, we have decided to start the Chrismas Sale early! Check out the latest price for your area and you will notice the total price drop of as much as $10!!!