They hold the Orb of the volcano. Drawing on the power of the volcanoes of Valgor, the Hydra from which the Clan derives its name can appear on any one of its Inkas. As a volcano unleashes chaos on its surroundings, so the Clan is able to attack on multiple fronts.

Special Abilities:
Mods Mana Name Ability
0 1 Move Move to an adjacent Tria.
0 2 Attack Attack an adjacent unit.
1 3 Double Threat Attack two different adjacent units.
2 4 Triple Threat Attack three different adjacent units. Roll for each attack.
3 1 Swap Swap the location of the Hydra with an Inka from your Clan.
  1. Swap with Double Threat followed by a swap will make Hydra one of the safest and deadliest attacker among all Idols.
  2. With Double Threat, Hydra can gain Mods quicker than other Idols.
  1. Chances of finding multiple opponent units in a setting where Hydra can do Double Threat or Triple Threat are not that high with fewer players and even sometimes with more players.
  2. Double Threat and Triple Threat could work against Hydra in that now you will have multiple opponents concentrated on bringing your Hydra down.
  3. Higher uncertainty involved with multi-attack as more Cast cards can be played against Hydra.
  1. Orth Portals are a great feasting place for the Hydra's multi-attack appetite.
  2. Cast cards only apply to individual attacks, in regards to multi-attack.
  3. If Hydra is slain during a multi-attack combat, rest of the attacks are not carried out.
  4. Spreading your Inkas around will allow Hydra to move in and out of combats.