In a galaxy far, far away, a simple race exists on the planet Valgor: the Terakh. The last Chronic War decimated their numbers and left few survivors - only a fraction of the young and eleven Elders, the wisest and oldest of the race. They eked out a meagre existence, relying on the planet's limited but renewable supply of mana for subsistence as they desperately fought off the ever tightening grip of those who lusted after their land. .

As the Terakh teetered on the brink of extinction, the Elders stumbled across cryptic stone drawings on the cavern walls of their ancestral tombs. After years of study, the Elders eventually deciphered these drawings, unleashing an ancient and terrible magic. Backed by this catastrophic might, they eventually threw off their oppressors.

The simple Terakh were determined never to go into hiding again. They vowed to strengthen their battle prowess, for if history were to repeat itself, the next Chronic War would be upon them before the turn of the century. To encourage strategic thinking and war-like proficiency, the Elders built the Battle Planes of Terakh, where their Festive Battles would be held. That year was named 1 S.D. - Since Development of the Battle Planes - in commemoration of their vow to ever emerge victorious.

Most of the remaining young - the Inkas - were separated into clans, each led by an Elder. The clans occupy the different habitats chosen by their Elder and independently pursue their own learning, which they bring to the Battle Planes to share in mutual enlightenment.

It was agreed that each Clan Elder would weave an Orb from the essence of their habitat using the ancient magic of the Terakh. Infused with the power of their homeland, these Orbs were used to lead and unite the Inkas. Over time, the Inkas collectively learned to transform themselves into complex idol-like beings through the power of their Orbs. Each Clan became devoted to their Orb, and through this devotion the Orbs eventually gained control over their native Inkas.

As a reminder and encouragement to the Clans, the Elders created a Victory Pendant. This was to be rewarded to the victorious Clan of each Festive Battle. This pendant symbolized trust, wisdom, luck and spirit. It also had the ability to infuse a single Inka with greater confidence and strength.

It was decided that five of the Elders would not participate in the Festive Battles of the Terakh. Instead, they led the remaining Inkas back to their ancestral land, where they continue to rebuild their world and study the ancient drawings in their cavern tombs.

It is now the year 78 S.D. The next Festive Battle is about to begin, and you have been appointed Elder. As such, you must lead your Clan to victory. What you have to impart to the Inkas may well be the key to their survival when the next Chronic War inevitably sinks its claws into Valgor.