They hold the Orb of the forest. Accustomed to dense environments, the Ranger can see further and through thicker obstacles. They also move faster and shoot further and more quickly.

Special Abilities:
Mods Mana Name Ability
0 1 Move Move to an adjacent Tria.
0 2 Silver Arrow Attack a unit two adjacent Trias away.
1 2 Sprint Move three adjacent Trias away.
2 3 Twin Arrow Attack a unit two adjacent Trias away. If the attack fails, the Ranger attacks the original target once more.
3 4 Golden Arrow Attack a unit three adjacent Trias away.
  1. Longer range attacks.
  2. Twin Arrows improves Ranger's chances during a combat.
  3. Allows Ranger to be defended by Inkas while attacking opponent's units via Orth Portal or in general.
  1. Can be rendered useless if cornered.
  2. Fleeing is hard
  1. The Ranger's attack ignores units in its path.
  2. Cast cards, such as Reflect, Berserk, Weakness, Penetrate, Switch Rolls, Fate and Peace, only affect the first attack of the Twin Arrow.