They hold the Orb of lightning. The Sorceress Elder infused the Orb with pure energy that can be channelled through immense concentration. So great is this power that it enables fallen Inkas to be summoned without the Orth Rune.

Special Abilities:
Mods Mana Name Ability
0 1 Move Move to an adjacent Tria.
0 4 Strike Attack any unit on the local Battle Plane that Sorceress is on.
1 2 Summon Summon a Fallen Inka from your Clan on a vacant Tria next to the Sorceress.
2 3 Honed Strike Attack any unit on the Battle Plane that Sorceress is on.
3 4 Blast Attack any unit.
  1. Can be very well defended by summoning Inkas in adjacent Trias.
  2. Can be very deadly if Sorceress has 3 A-Mods and is well defended as Sorceress will have easier time dealing damage against opponent's stronger units, especially Elder.
  1. Actions cost too many mana.
  2. Moves 1 adjacent Tria at a time making it harder for Sorceress to flee an ambush.
  1. To keep more units active from the clan, placing Sorceress distant from opponents' units, preferrably in a corner, should require less defense.
  2. Sometimes losing Inkas works to an advantage as well.