Welcome to the realm of the Terakh


The six Battle Clans of the Terakh each possess an Orb woven of ancient magic. During the Festive Battles of Valgor, the Orbs give power to shape-shift the Clan's Inkas into Idols, whose versatile abilities set interleaving ripples in the ever-shifting tides of the rotating Battle Planes.

With touches of classics such as Chess, Magic: The Gathering and Diablo, the strategic possibilities of Terakh make for challenging yet addictive play. Terakh stands out as a game of its own.

Tom Vasel [Game reviewer]:
About half an hour in, I was hooked. I got massacred, but even then I was still able to affect the outcome of the game, and was just impressed all the way throughout. This is high on my "play again" list, and certainly goes on my "Sleeper hits of 2005" list. Check it out!

Idol abilities make for highly versatile plays that stand testament to your own style, ranging from offensive to defensive; aggressive to slow-paced; chaotic to stealth.

Eric Chatigny [Game reviewer]:
If you like playing war-games, this game is for you.

Game-play is unpredictable and dynamic. Clan Elders are powerful sentinels that possess the ability to rotate the monolithic Battle Planes. The victory of your Clan hinges on their survival.

A deck of powerful Cast Cards add an extra dimension to the game-play. Their magic potential is amplified in combination with other Cast Cards, putting an arsenal of strategic possibilities at your fingertips. Halt your opponent's attack and send it hurtling back. Make your unit suddenly appear in the centre of the action. The possibilities are as limitless as the strategies you can dream up. But the goal is a very simple one:

"...be the last to remain..."