Inka - Ready

Direction Coin
Inka - Guard

Direction Coin

These young Terakh overwhelmed their enemies with their sheer numbers. Well trained in defence, they have also learned to harness the power of their Orbs on the Battle Planes.

Base Abilities:
Move Move to an adjacent Tria.
Attack Attack an adjacent unit*.

Attack Strength Roll - 2
Defense Strength Roll + 2

* Upon successful attack, Elder moves on to the defender's location.
Special Abilities:
Rotate the Battle Plane the Elder is on. [Cost: 2 Mana].
  1. Defense Strength of Roll + 2.
  2. Rotation of Battle Plane can put your clan in a strategic advantage for offense or defense.
  1. Attack Strength of Roll - 2.
  1. Elders become very useful when you need to protect a Fallen Idol's Orb until an Inka from the clan can come to pick it up and transform into an Idol.
  2. Elder's rotation ability is very handy when you want to expose a cornered well-defended opponent?s unit or rescuing your clan?s unit.