They hold the Orb of darkness. As darkness takes on many forms and can pass through objects, so can the Shade. The Shade can shadow any Idol and take on its attributes, being only slightly weaker than the original.

Special Abilities:
Mods Mana Name Ability
0 1 Sneak Move up to two adjacent Trias away. The Shade's move ignores a unit in its path.
0 2 Attack Attack an adjacent unit.
1 1 Mystify Swap the location of the Shade with an adjacent unit.
2 0 Pierce When attacking, ignore the D-Mod(s) of the defending Idol.
3 1 Shape-Shift Transform the Shade into an Idol of any Orb on the Battle Planes. Treat the Shade as that Idol until the end of your turn.
  1. From start Shade can move further than all Idols at the cost of 1 Mana.
  2. Can transform into other Idols to strategically adapt to the battlefield.
  3. Dismantle opponent's defenses.
  1. The transformation costs 1 Mana making Shade a bit weaker than the Idol Shade transforms into.
  1. Shade stands to gain no abilities from Guardian.
  2. Once transformed into another Idol, Shade can no longer use transform back during that turn.
  3. Mods should be chosen wisely as more A-Mods will make Shade an easy target, but more D-Mods will make Shade less powerful during the many combats.