2010: Speed Terakh
Start the game with the Elders set at 2 HP.

Recommended for the first time players or a more intense play.
After taking the feedback given, and as promised our 2009 version of Terakh has been created. Changes:
  • This edition makes it much easier to guide new players. Specifically, we have separated and kept the Orbs and Idols out of the game until players understand the basics of the game.
  • We have included the favorite customizations of the game at the end of the manual.
  • As well, the instructions have been trimmed down for a faster read.
  • When an Elder of a player dies, he or she gets 3 mana (2 mana in the 2005 manual). Also the player continues to receive Cast Cards (none in the 2005 manual).
  • Victory Pendant has been removed.
  • Various minor edits.

  • As suggested by Steffan in his CheatSheet on BoardGameGeek website, call it quits when one Elder is eliminated.

A fan on BoardGameGeek, Steffan O'Sullivan, has created a Cheat Sheet of the Terakh Manual, nicely summarizing most aspects of the game. This should also be very useful in kick-starting a game quickly especially when new players are involved.

Steffan has also provided an alternate manner to end the game to make the game shorter.

The original manual.